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Grill Wild! Digital Purchase at Barnes & Noble

Don't be shy. Do you google® your name, too? Well, we do. After browsing on our smartphones our thumbs suddenly stopped swiping. Our eyes fell immediately on a website link highlighting our cookbook Grill Wild! (ISBN 978-3-95961-669-0) at Barnes & Noble®. To our German readers, who don't know this brand name. Barnes & Noble® is the biggest book retailer in the U.S. with over 600 retail stores. You may be wondering now why we explicitly mentioned it. It is just one out of a million catalogue listings. Nothing to brag about.

Truth is, for us it is a trip on memory lane: Back when we were in Highschool we wasted a lot of time at the mall and particularly at Barnes & Noble®. I vividly remember those beaten chairs, sticky-greenish carpeting, and that weird scent of paper, dust, and freshly brewed coffee. Finding our cookbook now on Barnes & Noble®'s website is huge to us. Thanks to our friends over at the Christian Verlag GmbH for putting us up there.

Anyways, check out the link below. Feel free to forward it to your North American friends and families. We bet they might even remember a few German words from Highschool.


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